Steve and Jan’s Kayaks

Dear Crazy Loon

We thought you might like these pictures for your web site. I also put some of our thoughts together if you would like to use them as well.

Thanks to Crazy Loon, Phillips!

People may wonder if you can catch bigger fish in a kayak…no problem. You just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.  We love our Old

Town Kayaks. They are great for getting into those remote places other anglers can’t get to. The Dirigo is very comfortable for fishing with the adjustable seat and plenty of leg room. Plus with themweighing only around 50 pounds hiking back into a lake with no access is not too strenuous.

My husband hooked into a 42 inch musky, and that fish took my husband around the lake for 20 minutes, it was great. I followed and got step by step pictures of the catch. We also can go very close to wild life without spooking them. Last week I was alongside a doe and a fawn as they walked along the shoreline of a creek that connected two lakes together.

There is nothing like kayaking!


Steve and Jan Mealman

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