A Secluded Lake

13_05_29-lake-sixteen-paddle-028A friend told us about a small secluded lake in the area and recommended we check it out.  She said we may even get a chance for a close look at a swan.  The clouds cleared out at noon and we had the rest of the day to ourselves so we headed out to find this treasure in the northwoods.  First there were two swans, than eight, than TEN!  They were beautiful.  Seeing them take to flight was a thrill.  We also spotted a Bald Eagle keeping a watchful eye on it’s nest and a goose in the thick weeds, apparently tending to her nest.  We heard a Loon and a Sand Hill Crane in the distance and on our way out, what we think was a Beaver, slipped into the tall grass at waters edge.  The lake was a real find that we plan to visit again.

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