Bike Donation

Ron & Chris,

Thank you so much for the co-donation of the mt. bike to the School District of Phillips P.A.T.H.  program. I am positive that it will be used and appreciated… starting this Tuesday!

The program that the bike is going to is the P.A.T.H. program, which is a grade 6-12 alternative-style program for students who learn best via hands-on Service Learning activities. The acronym stands for:

P= Partnerships (with school, community, families)
A= Academics (a focus on academic success)
T= Transition (working to transition to employment & post-secondary education)
H= Health (Learning to live healthy lives)

The on-going (on our 4th year!) school forest trail building project weaves all 4 components together throughout the year. The bike is valuable to our program by giving students a chance to use the trails that they build for the community (motivating them to keep going!) and also to learn a healthy, positive, lifetime activity. Working with The Crazy Loon to offer the Trails Day in October helps form partnerships with business and community, academics via designing brochures, posters and displays and transition skills that require communication with other.

Thanks for all you do to help us with our program!


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