Croc Attack!

An employee of The Crazy Loon, Jane is travelling along the east cost with her husband Ric.  She shared this story with us.


Enjoying this view from Atlantic City, NC after surviving a croc attack today. Was flying down a bridge at 24 mph when my back tire locked up and I started skidding. I fought to keep my bike under control sure I had a flat.  Ric was behind me and could see smoke coming off my bike. I laid a patch about 20 feet long before I could come to a stop.

Turned out my croc had gotten wedged into the right rear brake and it was hot. I tie them to the top of the rear panniers with a carabiner but if I’m not careful, they get caught in the tire.  Happily nothing was damaged but the strap of the croc. As we have no spare tire, this could have been a costly setback in time.

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