Mountain biking the CAMBA Trails

It’s been awhile since I’ve ridden on any of the CAMBA (Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association) trails.   I browsed the CAMBA website and saw that there are many trails I haven’t been on as it’s been at least 10 years since I’ve had a mountain bike, so I asked around for some trail recommendations. The Hatchery Creek and Makwa trails had some great reviews and sounded perfect.   I could park at the Mosquito Brook trail head near Hayward and have access to over 30 miles of trails, all single track.

I tossed my new Trek/Gary Fisher Sawyer (I’ll post more about this bike later, but so far I love it) in the car, and headed towards Hayward.  I started out with the Hatchery Creek trail.  This was a fun little 8 mile loop with several small hills, quite a bit of rocks, and twisty singletrack.  Due to the rocky terrain and tight corners there were not many opportunities to gain speed which was fine with me.  I took it slow and enjoyed the trail.  Definitely a long 8 miles.

After the Hatchery Creek trail I headed across the road and started on the Makwa trail.  This is a 12.3 two way mile trail that takes you to the trail head on OO.   The first mile was  little rock strewn and technical but after that it was smooth sailing.  This trail is great!  It’s mostly fast flowing single track where you can ride with some decent speed and just have fun winding around in the woods.   One small section about midway in the trail had recently been logged, but it wasn’t a big deal as the trail is still well maintained and signed.   Once at OO I took a short break, then turned around and took the trail back.  For a faster and easier route back to the Mosquito Brook trailhead you could also take the Birkebeiner trail back.

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