Northern Lites Tundra (2013/14)

The Northern Lites Tundra snowshoe is a super-floater for people carrying larger heavier loads in the deepest snows. While these are big snowshoes, they are designed to provide a more natural stride with a width of only 9 1/2". The incredible light weight of all Northern Lites snowshoes is most notable in this size, at only 48 oz. per pair the Tundra weighs less than most 22" and 25" models of ordinary aluminum frame snowshoes. If you are shopping for an oversized snowshoe, the Tundra means 3,000 pounds less weight to pick-up and put down over every mile (3,200 strides per mile at 15 oz. less weight per shoe).

  • Gray Decking on Black Frames.
  • 9 1/2" x 32" and 48 oz/pr.
  • Surface Area 258in2
  • For User Packing Weight over 250 lbs.
  • Heaviest Loads, Deepest Powder, Super Floatation.

QTR Binding - Quick, Tighten, Release

Norther Lites newest binding, the Northern Lites QTR is a great addition to our snowshoes utilizing the same pivot belt as on their TruTrak binding.

  • Our over the foot coated webbing material provides a durable, quick tighten.
  • Our colorful rope provides the release of our QTR binding.

Here is a quick video from Northern Lites showing how these bindings work:


Like all Northen Lites snowshoes, The Northern Lites Tundra snowshoe is made right down the road from us in Medford, WI!

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