Sailor Creek Flowage

24 colorful boats could be seen on the Sailor Creek Flowage Thursday evening, June 30, 2011.  We had an easy launch at the boat landing, which is located by the dam that creates this flowage.  A warm summer evening made for an enjoyable paddle around the wooded shoreline of this very scenic flowage.  We paddled through the culvert under Hicks Landing Road and up Sailor Creek a bit and managed to get 24 boats turned around and back through the culvert.  The flowage is home to many islands and we paddled around a few of them in search of a pair of Tundra Swans and their young.  We didn’t get to see them, probably scared off by the number of paddlers.  The evening ended with a great picnic and sunset at Sue and Cindy’s home.  Life is good.   I highly recommend paddling the Sailor Creek Flowage.

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