UP Yurt Trip 1/21 – 1/24/13


-12 out and we are heading north to a canvas covered wood structure, otherwise known as a yurt.  Shut down the computer as a summer picture of  a kayak outing flashed by;  maybe we’re heading in the wrong direction.   Loaded up our truck with skis, snowshoes and all manner of warm clothing.

The closer we get to the Porkies the worse the weather.  Arrived at the park office to find it closed.  Our info for getting into the Yurt is on a board outside.  Reservations for the  Union Bay Yurt overlooking the ice fields of Lake Superior.  It is rather comfy inside.  A wood stove, table, 4 chairs, bunk beds.

The wind`s howling out of the north.  Keeping the truck keys handy in case the canvas blows  off.  The stove requires feeding every 3 hours. Made it through the night,  the wind has subsided.    232 steps to the outhouse one way.  Hope that`s  not our only outdoor adventure today.

Out for a snowshoe before lunch.  Not too bad in the woods. Another snowshoe in the evening.  Always snowing up here.  The moon and stars are out tonight and it’s snowing.  Much quieter tonight in the yurt without the big winds.

Wednesday and still snowing.  Out for a short ski outing.  Trails are soft and snowy.  Met two guys from Chicago who are gearing up to head out on snowshoes to camp in a tent for a few days.  Wished them well.  I lost a ski and did a nice face plant in the snow.  Back to the yurt.  Switching to snowshoes.

The wind is again howling out of the north tonight.  Heading home tomorrow.  Learned that when the wind is out of the north the ice blows in and when from the south it blows out.  I regretfully report that Ron is the cribbage champ.

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